Termini Station in Rome

The saying goes that "All roads lead to Rome", and that is totally true. You can get to the Italian capital by road, by air or by rail, and it has one of the best connected train stations in Europe and from there you can travel not only to any point in Italy but also to major European cities. .

It's about the Termini Station, which was built in 1867 and is in the old Esquilino district, in the historic center, so from there it is very easy to visit all the places of interest, at least the most important ones. A 10 minute walk you have the Basilica of Santa María la Mayor, 15 the Coliseum and the Roman Forum and at 20 Via Condotti, one of the most important commercial points of Rome.

At the Termini Station you also have two metro lines, A and B, so it is very easy for you to get anywhere else in the city very quickly. In addition, the Leonardo Express also passes through here, which is the train that goes to the Fiumicino airport, and also the buses that come from Ciampino. Without a doubt, it is a strategic point to get to know the whole city in comfortable and fast movements.

In the surroundings of the station you can find a lot of restaurants, shops and hotels. As for places to eat, it is the area of ​​Rome that has the largest number of non-Italian restaurants, so you will have a wide variety to choose from just one step away. There is also a large Shopping Center where you can find shops of all kinds and for all tastes. In fact, within the station itself there is also a small Shopping Center with several stores, especially clothing.

As for hotels, the Termini area It is one of the cheapest in this sense so it is the ideal place to stay since you have everything very close and any means of transport also at your fingertips. It is also one of the cheapest areas of the city in other aspects such as hospitality or shopping.

Roma Termini: The Rome Train Station And Travel Tips (May 2022)

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