Aulani Disney in Hawaii

You are thinking of an unforgettable vacation with the little ones of the house. You have already visited such special places for them such as Disney World, so where can you take them now? Simple: a Hawaii. Yes, you read that right, Hawaii. The fact is that Disney has made its first big leap in the hotel industry with the opening of a resort & spa in Hawaii.

Aulani, which opened a few days ago, is the first hotel of the entertainment giant outside its famous theme parks and is designed as an alternative experience to the usual vacation with the little ones of the house. It is located on the coast of the island of Oahu, and it spreads across 21 acres in which different facilities are distributed, including the spa. The hotel has a total of 840 rooms although some villas are also included here.

The complex It has tons of details Disney touches, including multiple pools, with activities including diving. There is also a little house on the beach where activities for children ranging from storytelling to technological toys are performed. Also they teenagers You can enjoy your own spa.

For the AdultsThere is a spa, which includes an outdoor hydrotherapy garden, along with a number of restaurants where you can taste typical Hawaiian food in the open air. The complex is a real challenge for Disney that has dared to jump over its parks offering another refuge Disney to all his followers.

Aulani Disney Resort in Hawaii: 40 Things to Know Before You Go! (August 2020)

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