Take a taxi in Berlin

Berlin It is one of the European cities that receives more tourism every year, and it is that Germany is a very interesting country in every way. On some other occasions we have already told you about Berlin and many of its places of interest, so today I would like to focus on transport, specifically the taxi.

In Berlin you can move by different means of transport but I would like to focus on taxis as it is very safe that sooner or later you end up taking one on occasion. This is all the information you should know to take a taxi in Berlin:

- Although there are many stops and special places to catch them, you can also stop them on the street. They are white and carry an identifying sign.

- They are very safe and have a fixed rate of € 3.50 for journeys of less than two kilometers. In order to qualify for this rate, you have to tell the taxi driver as soon as you get on the floor using the word Kurzstrecke.

- Prices are not much more expensive than in Spain and, for example, from Schoenefeld or Tegel airports it will cost you around € 25 to go to the center of Berlin. The most recommended is that if you take a taxi at the airport ask before leaving how much it will cost you since if it tells you much more than that figure the best thing is that you get off and go ask another.

- When you get into a taxi, wherever you are, make sure that the taxi driver has understood perfectly Where do you want to go so that there is no problem halfway since between maybe you do not speak German or the taxi driver does not speak another language very well, there can be confusion and waste time in a career that will not be worth anything. .

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