Chinatown neighborhood in New York

NY It is a city full of contrasts and spectacular places to discover. The best thing is that you organize your visit by neighborhoods or districts to be able to take advantage of the time much better and get more out of your trip. One of the many neighborhoods that you can visit is that of Chinatown, famous throughout the world and that is getting bigger as it is constantly growing. It is worth visiting because, despite having grown a lot, it remains faithful to its roots and culture, something unthinkable in places with so many architectural and technological advances.

The houses that you will find in that area are not very large since the Chinese are characterized for spending most of the day working so as they do not spend much time at home they always settle for small spaces, something that for us can be distressing but what they are delighted with. In the Chinatown neighborhood You can find all kinds of stores, not only the classic Chinese but also typical products, food, restaurants or fashion. It should be noted that in this neighborhood there are no rest days or holidays, so it works every day without exception in all its shops and restaurants.

As for its streets and what you can find there, the main one is Canal Street and in it you can find the largest number of stalls selling handbags, glasses, hats, clothing of any kind and a lot of counterfeits from many major brands at really low prices. In Grand street It is where you will see more Chinese since not only are all the stores theirs, but almost all of them live there and are usually there since there are many food stores, especially fishmongers.

Finally, in the heart of Chinatown you will meet Moot Street, a parallel to Broadway Avenue and that crosses the entire neighborhood from north to south, so it is ideal for you to take it from one end to be able to go through the entire neighborhood on the same street and on your return wander through several.

Chinatown: The Most Exciting Neighborhood in New York City (December 2021)

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