Tips for novice skiers

Yes, I know that it is a little lazy to think about snow and cold now that we have very few days of summer, but the truth is that autumn is almost here and now is when you should start planning your Winter Break. If you want to join the fashion of going skiing but you never have, I will give you a few tips for beginner skiers so that no problem arises and you can have everything planned. Take note:

Preparation: Before the trip you need to get in shape to be in tune and not get too tired when you start skiing, something that will also leave you without strength in the middle of the day. If you don't usually exercise a lot, a few weeks before the trip, start playing sports that help you work on balance, strength and coordination.

Hydration: Drink a lot of water since being at a very important altitude, dehydration is much faster. Try not to drink alcoholic beverages since you get dehydrated earlier, especially during the day since at night you can have a couple of drinks, but avoid the beer of the food.

Normative: You must obey absolutely all the rules that you are in the complex where you stay, and especially all those that are on the slopes and that show the ideal places for each level of skier. Do not go into places not recommended as much as you want to discover new landscapes, think that if they are closed to the passage it is for something.

Learning: Don't be in a hurry to learn and go step by step. It is clear that jumping on the largest slopes in a professional plan is something that all skiers want to do, but you have to have the right level since not only could you hurt yourself, but by hindering those who do know how to go around you can provoke other accidents. Do not go skiing in areas with trees, this leave it for when you take an excursion with a guide.

Dress: You have to get all the regulatory clothing for skiing that goes through the skis, the helmet and the appropriate clothing, as well as gloves and other accessories that are optional.

Users: Be very careful with the other skiers and keep in mind that those in front of you always have priority. If you see that you have a lot of people behind you, do not entertain yourself very much with zigzags since it could influence what they want to do by not being able to know where you are going. When you go to jump onto the track, look well in every way to know that you are not going to collide with anyone and that you are not going to hinder the passage of those who are already on it.


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