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Malaysia It is one of those countries unknown to the general public as it is not the typical tourist destination but when you review all that the truth can offer you, you "freak out". A country with a spectacular nature and architecture and where you can find a lot of reefs, mountains, tropical forests, skyscrapers and sampanes.

If you are going on an adventure and become a true explorer during your holidays, Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the best places to do it. Houses with incense, Hindu temples, golden domes and a lot of cities with a lot that have not been invaded by all the modernity that exists today and that retain almost the entire structure that they have always had and that is precisely what most attracts the attention of the country, to the clear margin is of the spectacular nature what's wrong with it.

One thing you should do if you go to Malaysia on vacation is to get closer to one of their markets, something very typical there and that they have a lot of bustle despite being in informal places (they are not like the buildings we have here) and driving shouting from one place to another. There you will find the most typical products from anywhere in the country at the best prices and totally delicious.

All of Malaysia itself is an authentic natural spectacle that in the northern part, in the beautiful borneo islandYou can see how it borders Indonesia, while in the south it does Thailand. Without a doubt, this proximity offers you the opportunity to take a little getaway and get to know two other countries that are also spectacular. If you don't want a getaway, the best thing to do is enjoy the immense rain forest that is Malaysia.

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