10 perfect cities for surfing

The surf It is a water sport that is successful worldwide. Plus, it's a way of life that goes far beyond grabbing a board to slide and turn in a wave. So it is not surprising that there are people who are willing to travel thousands of kilometers to reach those cities where it is usual to practice it in very good condition.

I am talking about 10 of them in this article, so take note and start planning your trip to one of these surf mecca.

1- Cape Town (South Africa)

The capital of South Africa is not only known for being one of the most dangerous in the world considering the number of homicides that are registered each year. There it is also possible to enjoy an unforgettable day of surfing during a good part of the year. Waves like Jeffreys Bay, Elands Bay, Cabo San Francis or Dungeons justify the visit, although it is true that you have to be careful with the white sharks, which often roam the waters of South Africa.

2- Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The most touristic city in Brazil has many more charms than the Christ the Redeemer. Beaches like Copacabana They are the dream of many tourists who come wanting good weather, samba and capoeira. The second largest city in the country has several beaches that are ideal for surfing.


3- San Sebastián (Spain)

In Spain there are also beaches adored by surfers. In San Sebastián are those of Mundaka, Meñakoz, Punta Galea and Zarautz, which are without a doubt one of the best in the country for this purpose. They started to become fashionable in the 50s thanks to the Arteche brothers and since then they have been visited by millions of surf fans who come looking for big waves.

4- Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)

Another Spanish region famous for the waves of its beaches is Gran canaria, although it is true that we could also remember Fuerteventura, where the wind also blows with great force. In Las Palmas they know perfectly what environment is breathed among surfers because they belong to the World Network of Surf Cities since 2011. Their fast waves and pipes justified their inclusion.


5- Honolulu (United States)

Hawaii's capital is another surfing paradise. To all the attraction that represents being there, surrounded by its exuberant nature, we must add the waves that make an appearance on its beaches. Also, if you get tired of Honolulu you always have time to catch a boat to go to Hanalei, in Kuai. There are waves for beginners and experts, since you can start with relatively calm waves or you can test your ability in bigger and faster waves near coral reefs.

6- Santa Cruz (United States)

In California there are many things to do. One of them is taking a surfboard and not worrying about everything moving between waves with an American flavor. It's in northern California and has been a destination for surfers from all over the world since the 1950s, so they won't look at you strange when they see you walking down the street with a surfboard in tow. In fact, there is even a surf museum.

sunset at the beach

7- Viana do Castelo (Portugal)

Of the entire Portuguese coast, the northernmost city is Viana do Castelo, which can be reached by car from Vigo and Porto in about 60 minutes. Surfing became popular in the late 80s and now it is quite common to see surfers on beaches like Cabedelo, Afife or Moledo, that meet all the requirements that are asked of a beach suitable for this sport.

8- Newcastle (Australia)

In Newcastle, which is Australia's second oldest city, surfing is a sacred sport for several reasons. In the first place because it has been installed for many years among its inhabitants, and secondly because it is the birthplace of Mark Richards, a veteran surfer who was world champion four times in a row (1979-1982) and is a member of the Australian Sports Hall of Fame.


9- Byron Bay (Australia)

Without moving from Australia, but moving slightly more than 600 kilometers north on the east coast, Byron Bay offers phenomenal conditions from june to september. There are waves for all kinds of surfers, with Broken Head being the most difficult to control. The nature of the place will surprise you, and also the hippie roll that has settled among its habitnes.

10- Taghazout (Morocco)

I have started this compilation in southern Africa and finished it in the north. In the city of Taghazout, a fishing village with an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean, European surfers started arriving from France and Spain Attracted by the magic of its waves since the 60s. They have not stopped coming from both countries and they are not the only ones who are there, since Moroccans are also passionate about surfing and they demonstrate it with initiatives such as the Surf Rider Camp directed by Yassine Ramdani.

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