The Greek island of Lefkada

If there is a place that I love for a vacation it is an island… and I live in one! But I love that knowing that wherever I go I will find a beach, in addition to the fact that nature on the beaches is always spectacular . And if we talk about the island and beauty, it is clear that we have to talk about the Greek islands, an increasingly chosen destination, especially for all those who cruise and take advantage of many of them.

One of these Greek islands is LefkadaIt is one of the smallest in size but it has some of the most spectacular beaches in Greece. An island full of magic where there is just over 100 kilometers of coastline and a beautiful landscape that often reminds of the Spanish island of Menorca. You can make many excursions to get to know the whole island from the port of nidri, a place from which you can also travel in a very short time to neighboring islands such as Spati, Ithaca, Meganisi or Maduri, all of them very traditional and with incredible charm.

Of Lefkada its mountainous and green geography stands out, which is very rich in vegetation and which all makes a spectacular contrast with the fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters that you can find along the entire coast. In addition, there are a lot of historical monuments in many places and the roads are of a great quality, something to keep in mind when visiting an island since you are probably going to explore it by car.

Among the best beaches you can find is that of Egremni, south of Athani and which has impressive white cliffs, so it leaves you with a spectacular landscape and a lot of tranquility since it is a beach that never fills up, in part thanks to the more than 300 steps you must walk since you leave the car until you get to the beach, which puts many people back, but if you can do it, don't hesitate.

The Porto Katsiki beach It is the best if you are traveling as a family since it is easily accessible and has nearby entertainment venues such as shops, bars and restaurants. The pefkoulia beach It is the most visited by campers since there is a pine forest in which you can camp. The ideal time to travel to Lefkada is from September since it is when the temperatures are milder and the prices much lower than in summer.

Lefkada Greece - Top beaches and places to visit in Lefkada Island (October 2022)

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