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Logroño It is the capital of The Rioja and it is in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. It has an extension of almost 80 square kilometers and it is a very beautiful city that has many green areas and a very important historical heritage, thanks in part to the fact that it is a key city on the Camino de Santiago, in addition to its gastronomy being fantastic.

The Santiago's road It is very important as it passes through Logroño and to do so you will cross the bridge and then go up the Old Rúa, pass by the “Albergue de los peregrinos”, by the Santiago Fountain until you reach the Revellín Walls, which give you access to the Puerta del Camino. I leave you one brief guide to Logroño so you know what to visit in the city:

Churches: It has several although the most interesting ones are the Co-cathedral of Santa María de la Redonda (in the Gothic style and from the 16th century), the Church of Santa María de Palacio (12th century and has, among other things, a cloister and a museum), the Church of San Bartolomé (13th century and in Romanesque style) or the Church of Santiago el Real (16th century and built on the ruins of an old medieval church).

Museums: You can visit the Museum of La Rioja (paintings, sculptures and archaeological remains of the region), the Museum of Wine Culture of the Vivanco Dynasty (paintings related to wine from the time of the Egyptians to the contemporary) or the House of Sciences.

Monuments: There are many monuments and buildings of great interest, such as the Wall of Ravellín (medieval), the Parliament of La Rioja, the Fountain of the Illustrious Riojans, the Stone Bridge or the Iron Bridge.

Plazas: The Plaza del Mercado (center of the commercial life of the city), the Plaza del Ayuntamiento or Paseo Príncipe de Vergara (where parties and festivals are held) stand out.

Parks and gardens: You can take advantage of a day to relax in the Carmen park, the Ebro park, the San Miguel park or the Ribera park.

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