Tips for traveling to Iceland

Iceland It is a beautiful and very particular country, with unique and spectacular landscapes that are undoubtedly unique. An incredible mixture of cold and heat thanks to the cold ice on its surface and the volcanic heat that many of its mountains give off. A country where you can discover a lot of fascinating places, so I give you a few tips so that if you go to traveling to Iceland you can have all the necessary information for the trip to be perfect. Take note:

Cities: The most interesting are Reykjavik (the capital), Akureyri, Keflavik, Akranes and Vestmannaeyjar. Very small cities, except for the capital, but with a lot of charm.

Glaciers: You can visit many of them throughout the country, although I would highlight the Vatnajökull, which is the largest in Europe and that traveling on a snowmobile is a true past.

Fjords: They are in the northwest of the country and have an incomparable beauty where you can discover the wildest and least populated part of the country. It covers cities such as Isafjörour, Látrabjarg (spectacular cliffs), the Dyanjdi waterfall (waters that slide down the side of the mountain) or the island of Vigur (a tiny island that no time passes by).

Icelandic gastronomy: You will find fish and meat of the highest quality and flavor in almost all their dishes, especially lamb (which is raised in the mountains in freedom). Cod, herring, salmon or trout are also the best.

Prices: In the country there is a high quality of life since only 2% of its population is unemployed, so their prices are very high. For example, a bus ticket or a beer can cost you € 3, so keep a good budget because although everything is expensive, it is a country that is very worthwhile.

Currency: The Icelandic crown is used there and it is best that you take it changed from here although you will find plenty of places to change it.

Language: Icelandic and English are spoken by almost the entire population, and many also speak French, German, and the Nordic languages, so you won't have much trouble being able to communicate anywhere.

Schedule: They have the same time as in the Canary Islands, that is, one hour more than in most of Spain.

Weather: In winter the cold is really extreme, to the point that vehicles have a very difficult time driving. In summer they are much more bearable although you do not think that you will find more than 15º C even if you go in the middle of August.

Iceland for First-Timers (Top 10 Tips You Need To Know) (March 2023)

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