The best golf courses in Europe

Play golf It is an activity that has more and more followers both in our country and in the rest of the world, and it is that you not only do sport but you also have spectacular views during the time you practice it. In fact, there are people who organize their vacations so that they can visit some place that has a spectacular goal field in the same way that others travel to see monuments.

In European lands there are countless places to practice them, but I will tell you those that are considered the 4 best golf courses in EuropeThey are also in places that at a tourist level also have a lot to offer you. Take note:

Aphrodite Hills (Cyprus): It is situated on two slopes divided by an impressive ravine six miles east of Paphos. It is a resort that has 290 rooms, all with a private terrace, as well as several restaurants, bars, a spectacular Spa and, of course, a golf course. The course is designed by Cabell Robinson. It has spectacular views of the Mediterranean and a club with a bar and restaurant. They teach courses in case you don't control the subject very much. In addition to golf, you can practice tennis (they have 9 tracks), hiking or horse riding.

Navarino Coast (Peloponnese): It is the most important and spectacular course in Greece, located in a complex that has four hotels and that strictly complies with all environmental specifications. Among its hotels you can find several golf courses, such as Dunes, which has the longest green in Europe. In the hotels there is a Spa with a multitude of treatments, restaurants, bars and all kinds of amenities. In addition, there are plenty of beaches, forests and small towns right there so that your holidays have everything.

Celtic Manor Resort (Newport, Wales): It is so important that you have already hosted the Ryder Cup, with a field that measures almost 7,500 yards and that was built specifically to host this tournament. It has two more courses, in addition to seven restaurants, three bars and two spas.

Old Course Golf Resort & Spa (St Andrew): A spectacular spa with a golf course designed by Peter Thomson, who was a five-time Open champion between the 50s and 60s. It has a multitude of facilities so that players do not get bored at any time or can rest when required. It has 23 spectacular suites.

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