Luxury campsites in Europe

A few years ago, the concept of camping It changed, and what used to be going to a mountain and sleeping in a tent on stones and grass has now been modernized a lot, and it is that not everyone likes that of sleeping outdoors, as much as they like the nature. Although of course you can continue camping in that classic and fun way, nowadays the luxury campsites, which practically become mountain hotels with spectacular cabins where you can have all kinds of amenities such as internet, shower, television and more.

Next I will give you a list with the best luxury campsites in Europe and its main features and services:

Eco Retreats, Powys (Wales): He's on a 1,300-acre organic farm and aims to help campers connect with the environment. The accommodation they have has five tepees (each for five people) and a yurt (for six), all of them in the forest and with sheepskin decoration, double beds and a kitchen. Also, they have a bathroom outside and you shower with water from a spring. It also offers healing and meditation sessions.

Eco Luxury Yurt Suite, Lanzarote: It is 30 kilometers from Arrecife and is a collection of nine ecological properties in Finca de Arrieta. It sleeps up to five people and has wooden floors and antique furniture, plus a bathroom with marble floors, an outdoor kitchen and a garden with a Polynesian-style sofa bed. There is a beach 200 meters away and you can also walk to the town of Arrieta. Among its services it has a swimming pool and several heated solar pools.

Mongolian yurts, Vaud (Switzerland): It is at 2,045 meters of altitude at the top of Rochers-de-Naye and there are 7 fully insulated yurts with capacity for 8 people each and heating in winter. It has a restaurant overlooking the cliff and it is spectacular to watch the sunset over Lake Geneva.

Eco-Lodge Brejeira, Algarve (Portugal): You have several accommodation options, such as a fully furnished yurt, an antique gypsy caravan, or a converted fire truck. In all of them two people can sleep, it has a complete bathroom and many of them cook, although there is also a restaurant in case you don't want to cook or choose it without a kitchen. There are many beaches nearby.

Karen houses, Los Caños de Meca, Cádiz: It looks like a charming rustic village, with 11 cabins with traditional thatched and bamboo roofs. Among the services are massages, yoga, meditation and various water activities such as canoeing or dolphin watching.

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