Theme parks in the United States

U.S It is one of the destinations preferred by most of the travelers from all over the world and on this website we have told you on other occasions about the many places you can visit. If you like theme parks And you are going to travel to this country, I leave you a list with the best you can find and with a short description to see if you want to visit one:

Disney world (Orlando): It is clear that it is the most famous, attractive and spectacular park in the whole country and I would even dare to say that it is in the whole world. If you have been to Eurodisney, the American is much bigger and has really spectacular attractions. One of the latest to arrive is the one based on the television program "American Idol" (the American OT that sweeps audiences and sales lists each year) and where visitors can act and vote on the performances of others.

SeaWorld Orlando: It is a marine amusement park that also has a roller coaster not suitable for "scarecrows" in which you rise into the air and descend to finish gliding through the water in a wagon. Strong emotions guaranteed and then a lot of marine animals that you can see in different shows.

Universal Resort Orlando: Without a doubt this Florida city has the best parks in the country. In this you can fully immerse yourself in the world of technology, film and music, even recording a music video with what has been your experience there. Strong and lighter emotions with the most famous films of this producer.

Freestyle Music Park: It is in Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) and it is a theme park that is where the Hard Rock Park (based on the famous cafeteria) used to be and where you will also enjoy music like never performing at various concerts, enjoying exciting attractions and become a star after your visit to its facilities.

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