5 mistakes we usually make when we book a hotel

If you are used to traveling, it is very likely that you will not commit any of the 5 errors that you will read below. Experience allows us to avoid them, either because we have experienced them in our own flesh or because we have heard the testimony of someone who has had problems.

When booking one hotel room It is very important that you keep in mind the following recommendations.

Cancelation conditions

Sometimes we are not clear about the dates of the trip, we modify the route at the last minute or we find a better accommodation. Hence, it is necessary to know if we can cancel the reservation without incurring any expenses.

When the cancellation is free you also have to look at the deadline to cancel free of charge, which is usually between one week and 24 hours before the day of entry to the establishment.


Location and transportation

You find a hotel much cheaper than most of the ones you had seen and on top of that it looks very good. It's kind of weird, don't you think? You probably found an accommodation at outskirts of town that you want to visit, so you will have to use public transport to get to the points of interest. If, on top of that, the connection with public transport is poor, it is probably better to pay more for another more central and / or better connected hotel.


Surely that has ever happened to you to wake up and not know if breakfast was included or not. It is an especially relevant question when the hotel does not have cafes or bars nearby, so consider the possibility of hiring the room with breakfast included. Ordering it at the hotel is usually much more expensive.


Special requests

Don't pretend to get to the hotel reception and ask for everything expecting a "yes" for an answer. If they are friendly and have everything you ask for, they will satisfy your wishes, but that does not always happen. Therefore it is recommended advise at the time of booking leaving a comment in the special requests section that almost always appears. A typical example? When a crib is needed.

Comments from previous clients

When you visit a place for the first time, you usually don't have reliable information. The hotel will always speak highly of its facilities and services, but there is nothing like reviewing the comments posted by customers who have had the opportunity to stay at it. Among other things, you will know the levels of cleanliness, friendliness or comfort, which undoubtedly allows you to go with realistic expectations.

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