Curiosities about Mauritius

MauricioOfficially known as the Republic of Mauritius, it is a famous world tourist destination. The island is located in the Indian Ocean, southeast Africa, about 560 kilometers east of the island of Madagascar. There are many curious and interesting facts about Mauritius that you should know if you want to travel there. Groups ethnic like Africans, French, Asians and Chinese reside in this country.

Although the country occupies slightly less than 1300 kilometers square meters, it is very attractive worldwide making it one of the most visited destinations today. Formed as a result of rashes Underwater volcanic, this island has a lot to offer you, take note:

- The security, the army and the police function on the island of Mauritius are carried out by service personnel, who are commanded by the Commissioner of Police. The island does not have its own army.

- The national animal of Mauritius is Dodo, which has already become extinct. The bird was brutally hunted by the first settlers, as it provides good meat and was easy to hunt.

- The flower Mauritian national is Trochetia Boutoniana, which is commonly seen during the months of June to October.

- The first people to set foot on the island were the Portuguese in 1505. The dutch They followed soon after.

- This leaf-shaped island is the most populous in Africa. It also ranks seventeenth among the most populous countries in the world.

- The life expectancy of people residing in Mauritius is 73 years.

- About 40% of the island's population is in Port Louis, Which is the capital. It was created by the French in 1736.

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