The best beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica It is one of the most spectacular and beautiful Central American countries, especially its beaches. In fact, many Americans choose this country for their vacations thanks to the high quality not only of the beaches but of services such as hotels or restaurants. A perfect country to go to rest and do it in front of incredible landscapes.

Next I will make a selection of the best Costa Rica beaches giving you the details of the same so that you are encouraged to visit this magnificent country and decide on one of its beaches. Take note:

Manuel Antonio Beach: One of the most beautiful in the world and where you will be in a totally tropical environment and perfect for surfing. There you have jungle with palm trees, waterfalls and a lot of sand. It belongs to Manuel Antonio National Park, so visiting it is an authentic landscape adventure.

Beautiful beach: It is a small bay that has very calm waters and where you can dive. Ideal if you just want to relax sunbathing and taking a quiet bath.

Flamingo Beach: It is very touristy and there you will find luxurious hotels, restaurants, a spa and various white sand coves.

Hunchback: It is a real gem and is on the Osa peninsula, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. A small island that is a World Heritage Site and that also has a National Park, so it is a spectacular natural area.

Montezuma Beaches: You will not only be able to enjoy the typical landscapes of Costa Rica with its forests and waterfalls, but you will also see a totally wild area that has everything from capuchin monkeys to crocodiles.

Tortuguero Beach: It is in the Caribbean part of the country and belongs to the Tortuguero National Park, which houses a totally exotic wild fauna and a system of navigable channels that cross the park and that allow you to enter the jungle.

Without a doubt, going to the beach in Costa Rica is an authentic experience.

Best Costa Rica Beaches - Top 10 (November 2022)

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