What to see in Nicaragua

The Republic of Nicaragua It is the largest country in Central America. It limits with Honduras and Costa Rica. The Pacific Ocean is on the west side and the Caribbean It is located in the eastern part of Nicaragua.

The country is divided in two cultural regions: the Mesoamerican and the Andean. Nicaragua has had a troubled political past, until the 1961 revolution. The fertile west coast of Nicaragua is home to a great diversity of fauna and rain forest. As a result, it is a major tourist attraction in Central America. Visit:

- San Juan del Sur
If you are looking for a quiet family vacation, this is the place for you. San Juan del Sur is located on the Pacific coast of the country. It offers an infrastructure of good quality venues, beautiful beachfront resorts, budget hotels and plenty of activities related to water sports such as surfing, diving and fishing. Children can enjoy horseback riding along the seashore.

- Granada
One of the oldest cities in Nicaragua, Granada was founded in 1524. One of the best things to do in the city is to buy different souvenirs. Do not hesitate to eat their most typical dishes. Visit the lake which is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world.

- Bosawas Biosphere Reserve
It is one of the largest rain forests in the world, and is a UNESCO protected site. The variety of flora and fauna of this reserve make it a true paradise for nature lovers.

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