Hiking in El Bierzo, León

In our country there are many exciting places to practice hiking, many of them with routes already designed that will become an experience for all those who practice it. Today I will show you one of the routes you can do in the province of León, specifically the Route of the Medicinal Sources of El Bierzo, an exciting place and where you will discover truly spectacular landscapes.

On this route the route starts from Noceda And you can do it at any time of the year since it does not have much difficulty. Along the way you will meet five spectacular natural sources, among them the Sulfur Fountain, the Source of Health wave Gualta waterfall. Halfway until you reach them you will find the Mirador de la Peña de la Gualta, an ideal place to take spectacular photographs of the Sierra de Gistredo.

From another source, that of Rubio, you can see the La Gualta viewpoint, the town of Noceda, the Vega neighborhood or the Sierra de Guiana, all of them spectacular places. To Rubio Fountain You access from El Mouro through a zig-zag path between wild brooms, oaks and urces. They say that the water from this source is very good for strengthening bones, for rheumatism, for preventing cavities and that it also gives you a lot of vitality.

The area surrounding the Sulfur Fountain It is totally jungle and there is a spectacular waterfall that is one of the great landscapes of the route. They say that if you drink from this water you will get very hungry, so many people take advantage of that stop to have a snack or snack. Throughout the tour you will find many more sources, although not all of them have medicinal propertiesBut they do have very cool water that will come in handy for a stop.

The total of the route are 12 kilometers and it usually takes about four hours to go through them, depending on the time you stop at each site. The entire route is perfectly signposted and it is practically impossible for you to get lost. At the end of the tour you have a camping, the Chanos camping, in which you can take advantage of to spend a relaxed day in contact with nature.

Pajariel Trail, Ciudad de Ponferrada 2018. El Bierzo (April 2024)

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