The best nudist beaches in Europe

Summer finally arrived and we began to go to the beach and finalize the details of our vacation. There are many people who like to go to nude beaches for the freedom that it feels to be able to be naked and without any garment that rubs your body, so the beaches of this type always have many people since more and more people are signing up for this practice. If you are one of them, I will show you what they are the best nudist beaches in Europe so you can choose the perfect destination for your vacation:

Tahiti Saint Tropez beach, France: All the beaches of the French Riviera are fantastic, and this one became very famous years ago when actresses like Ursula Andress or Brigitee Bardot wore their modern and tiny bikinis there. In the 60 ′ topless came to these beaches and, specifically, it went further and became the benchmark for naturism. It is not only nudist since visitors who wear swimsuits are accepted, but it is worth going as, in addition to its beauty and comfort, many celebrities bathe in its waters every summer.

Paraiso Beach - Mykonos (Greece): If there is a famous Greek island, very visited and spectacular, that is undoubtedly Mykonos, which makes it an island a little expensive and very populated in summer, but if you have money to treat yourself, it is totally recommended. To go to Paraíso beach you can go from Mykonos both by taxi, bus or rental car. In this beach there is everything, although if it were necessary to distribute statistically it could be said that 50% goes topless, 30% nudism and the remaining 20% ​​covers everything. Starting at four in the afternoon they start with music in the beach bars, so if you want to go to rest I recommend any other because between music and beer you will not rest much.

Playa d'en Bossa - Ibiza: In Spain we also have innumerable fantastic beaches for nudism, being this one of Ibiza one of the best not only in our country but in all of Europe, and it receives visitors from anywhere on the continent. It is the longest beach in Ibiza and it is only 3 kilometers from the capital. Being so famous, its surroundings have grown a lot and there are many bars, restaurants and kiosks on the same beach.

Our Favourite Naturist Beaches in Europe - Enjoy This Summer. (September 2020)

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