La Manga del Mar Menor

The Manga del Mar Menor, in Murcia, it is a spectacular natural setting that despite its many buildings it has not yet lost its charm. In this area you can find two seas, the Mediterranean and the Lesser, the latter a seawater lake that is spectacular and has its own habitat. The sleeve It has always been one of the most valued Spanish destinations to spend the holidays since it has very important attractions.

Below I will give you a few tips so you know what to see and what to do in La Manga del Mar Menor:

- His gastronomy It is fantastic, the most typical dish being Caldero del Mar Menor (made with rice and rock fish). Fish and seafood are also protagonists of many other dishes, in addition to being able to taste other Murcian specialties such as vegetable cake, red rice, broad bean omelette or gypsy pot.

- The Cabo de Palos it is a place where there are many natural resources for fishing or diving. A very marine and very beautiful area that is worth visiting, especially the small port that it has and where all the activity is focused.

- Of course, you have several kilometers of beaches so that your vacations are totally relaxing and «brunettes», which is what it is all about when choosing a coastal destination.
- The Holidays in La Manga They will not be very expensive since it is one of the least expensive destinations, especially if you go outside the summer season since it will be cheaper and there will not be as many people as in the summer months.

Although there are many people who criticize the fact that urban planning is ending the beauty of that place and causing tourism to go to other more desirable destinations, it is a good place where you can rest and relax to face the new season of job.

Drone ( la manga del mar menor ) (July 2024)

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