Traveling to England by boat

There are many people who look for all the possible alternatives to avoid having to travel by airplane, among which I include myself, making the travel hours that are necessary in other means of transport such as the boat or the car. Unfortunately you cannot always visit all the places we would like because there are not enough options or combinations to travel to certain places, especially when we are short on time.

If you want Travel abroad But you do not want to do it by plane, I bring you an option that you will surely love since it is a very beautiful country with a lot to offer. This is England, a country you can traveling by boat from Santander. I give you all the details so you can analyze them and prepare your vacation:

- The route of this boat is from Santander to Plymouth, two cities that I recommend you also visit since they are very beautiful, so if you can spend a day in them. The best thing is that you arrive in Santander a day before taking the boat to enjoy the city and that on the return you do the same in Plymouth. There is also a Portsmouth.

- The boat leaves Santander every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. and arrives on Thursday at 4:00 p.m. 18 hours of travel that is not boring at all since you have entertainment on board and also being at night you will pass faster. The return is on Sundays at 15:30, arriving in Santander on Monday at 12:00. Whoever goes to Portsmouth leaves on Monday and Thursday and returns on Tuesday and Wednesday.

- When you buy the ticket they already tell you what time to board, it is usually half an hour before although you can go a little earlier to avoid queues.

- There is cabins normal and vip very comfortable and with all the services you can have in a hotel, such as the bathroom with shower or television. They are not as big as a room but they are bigger than people think. If you touch outside you will have a window to see the sea during the journey.

- You have a movie on the boat, swimming pool, restaurants, disco and children's activities (including a visit to the ship in which they will greet the captain to find out how the ship works). It's like a cruise so you have all kinds of entertainment.

- If you go to traveling with minors old must carry the passport in order. This is very important since the DNI will not be enough and you may have a problem at customs.

- The boat staff speaks Spanish and English so you will have no problem communicating.

- The company that makes this journey is Brittany Ferries and it also has another one that is Bilbao-Portsmouth.

- As for the price, it varies greatly depending on the accommodation you choose and the vehicle you take, but to give you an example: two people, round trip, with car and double cabin It costs around € 900. Very good price since although you can find a cheap plane, if you go from one place to another by public transport or rental car it will be more expensive.

- Finally, you can take the car, so you will save any type of transport at destination and your trip will be much more comfortable. Remember that you drive there on the left!

England to Spain Ferry Trip on MS Pont Aven (June 2023)

  • Bilbao, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Santander
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