Tips for traveling by car

To go to your vacation place you have several transport, such as the plane, the car or the train. The one you choose will surely depend on the distance and the comforts you want to have, in addition to your preference for one or the other. If you are going to do yours by car, I will give you some tips so that you can do it in the most comfortable way possible:

- The biggest advantage you have travel by car is that you decide the route you are going to do and the times that suit you best. As for this, try to check out at a time that does not coincide with the busiest time so that you do not have to queue.

- The first thing you have to do is organize the tour and the stops you are going to make in order to complete the route and have everything well prepared. Keep in mind that you will probably see visits along the path that you did not plan, so put a longer time frame for each journey.

- Take an updated map of the places you want to visit, plus a GPS in the car to be able to know exactly the distances between each point.

- If you are going to do a route through several cities, keep in mind the distance between all of them and the time it will take you to make each journey. Always organize it so that from one stop to another it is always as short as possible.

- When booking a hotel it is very important that you know if it has garage or parking so you can leave the car. If you do not have it, find out if it is very difficult to park in that area, since it is not comfortable having to walk a lot to go to the hotel nor is it a plan that you leave it overnight in a paid parking lot.

- Do not close in band to the plan that you have programmed. Even if you are clear about the places you want to visit in each city, always ask the inhabitants to find out if they make any special recommendation. Many times we remain without discovering spectacular places to go only to the places that come in the guides, especially in what to places to eat.

- Don't forget to ask him overhaul to your vehicle A few days before to make sure everything is fine, especially to go with greater security and to avoid surprises.

- Keep a list with data of interest such as the address of the tourist office of each city, the telephone number of your insurance, where are the closest gas stations on your journeys, the telephone number of the hotels where you are going to stay ...

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