Solar camping tents

With the campsites very fashionable, especially among nature lovers, all the companies that manufacture the necessary elements to go camping have been modernized a lot and currently there are a lot of things that will help your outdoor vacation be much more comfortable.

Today I would like to talk to you about solar tents, that undoubtedly are a great advance and that can lead you to achieve great savings. Although at the moment it is a prototype and it is beginning to be tested, it is a great option for the future. Take note of its characteristics:

- First, tell you that they are perfect if you like camping in isolated places and not in campsites where there are all kinds of services.

- The store is a matter of orange and with a shape reminiscent of an igloo, of these rounds that are so fashionable lately.

- Has a photovoltaic fabric and flexible that is just above the normal tissue and that is what makes you generate electricity inside. In addition, it has three steering glides so that during the day you can move it and be much more effective.

- It also has a central axis of wireless control in which you can see the energy that has been generated and the one that you have already consumed, and you can also send this data over the internet. It has a small LCD screen How flexible and tactile.

- One of the most useful things you have is a bag of wireless charging in which you can put mobile phones or any other portable device to charge them, so there will be no need to carry chargers for all of them. These devices are charged thanks to magnetic induction, so you will have much more space in your backpack to carry other things.

- As if that were not enough, thanks to that energy the store floor emits heat, if you wish, thanks to a internal heating. Finally it will be possible to be in the mountains and sleep warm in your tent.

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