Chipiona Beaches

Chipiona It is a beautiful town that is in Cádiz and, in addition to being known for its beauty, it is also very famous thanks to the fact that the late singer Rocío Jurado it was from there. In addition to being a place where you can see many things, there are plenty of beaches where you can enjoy your holidays. These are the Chipiona beaches:

Regla Beach: It is next to the Monastery of Nuestra Señora de Regla, it has an extension of 1,250 meters and a high occupation. It is of golden sand and has a moderate swell in addition to a special area for diving. Among the many services it has you can find umbrellas, hammocks, equipment rental for water sports, parking, bus stops or showers. The port of Chipiona is 1 kilometer away.

Whale Beach: It is a semi-urban beach that is in Costa Ballena and has an extension of 4,500 meters.

Tres Piedras Beach: It is one of the most beautiful since it is surrounded by vegetation and dunes, it has golden sand and you can practice windsurfing, sailing or golf. Its extension is 1,500 meters and among the services you can find are umbrellas, hammocks, showers, bus stop and sports activities. In addition, the port of Chipiona is 3 kilometers away.

Cruz de Mar Beach: It is right next to the port of Chipiona and it is of fine golden sand with crystal clear waters. Ideal for sailing, windsurfing, golf and even jogging. Among the services available there are umbrellas, hammocks, kiosks, beach bars, parking or showers.

Las Canteras Beach: It is a small beach of 400 meters that is in the Faro. It is of gray sand and rocks and has a promenade, showers and there are always many people. At 600 meters is the marina.

Camarón beach: It is an urban beach with crystal clear waters and fine golden sand. In it you can practice sailing or windsurfing and you have other services such as hammocks, umbrellas, kiosks, beach bars or parking.

Dinner on the Beaches of Chipiona Spain (July 2021)

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