What to see in Oxford, the university city par excellence

Talk about Oxford is to speak of one of the best known university cities in the world. In fact, its university is the oldest in the English-speaking world and one of the most reputable on the planet.

Despite this, it should be known that in Oxford not everything comes down to that, but there are also other places of interest to explore. Of course, the poet Matthew Arnold noticed the architectural harmony of the university buildings to define it as «the city of the dream needles».

Ideal for a getaway from London

You should know that Oxford is just over 100 kilometers from London. It is located northwest of the capital of the United Kingdom, very close to that beautiful area that we know as the English countryside (Cotswolds). Hence, it is a must visit city for those who come to England setting foot in London with the aim of reaching such picturesque towns as Bibury or Castle Combe.

In one day you can see the most important things in Oxford, although everything will depend on the intensity with which you want to live the experience and the ease you have to move around.


The university is the center of everything

Most points of interest have to do with its university, which was founded in the year 1096. The most famous of all is the Christ Church College, a university college that was built in medieval times and has a chapel with the title of a cathedral. Of course, do not expect much because it is one of the smallest in the UK.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter You will enjoy the beautiful thing visiting it, since it is one of the scenes of the famous film saga. You will recognize it when you access its huge staircase until you reach the living-dining room of the Hogwarts residence.

Oxford University
Another school that is worth visiting is the Balliol College, which is the oldest student residence in Oxford. It was founded in 1263 and served to shelter poor students. I recommend that you visit its central garden, the library and the living-dining room.

The Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs is another area to visit. Separate buildings from Hertdord College and it competes with the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. The most endorsed legend says that it is called that because it is where the boys and girls who lived in different buildings separated.


Library and church

The next point may be the visit to the Bodleian Library, which is one of the most important in the United Kingdom and preserves some of Britain's oldest books.

Right next to it is the Radcliffe Chamber, an autonomous building with a circular floor plan that draws attention powerfully for its beauty. Today it is used as a reading room.

Another highly recommended plan is to go to the church of st mary the virgin. It is a Gothic church that you can admire from below and from above, since there is the possibility of going up to its bell tower to enjoy the best views of Oxford. Of course, do not miss its interior, since it houses paintings, windows and beautiful windows.


Strolling around Oxford

To finish, I think it is good to comment that in Oxford you can also soak up its essence by walking leisurely through its streets. Cornmarket is like a tour of medieval times through the buildings that still stand, while Covered Market is a very central market ideal for shopping. However, the most popular of all is the High streetAs it passes through some of the most emblematic places in the city.

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