Planning a cheap trip to Italy

The planning A cheap vacation to Italy, the land of fashion and style, is not child's play. Freshly baked Italian pizzas, wines and vineyards, Gucci shoes, The Vatican, and yes, the Leaning Tower of Pisa can be tough targets if you don't have a big budget. Italy It is an amazing country that has a lot to see: Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence to begin with.

On the other hand, regions such as Tuscany and Sicily are worth a visit. In order to start your planning, make a list of the main destinations in Italy whether or not they are famous. The Internet will be your great ally if you want to save yourself enough money. There are small, very unknown Italian towns that are a true wonder. The second thing to check is the high season and get off each destination.

From November to February, tariffs they are lower since Italy receives a much less considerable number of tourists. But within those months, be careful with Dociembre, since it is the Christmas season par excellence and the Hotels and transports raise their rates again. Of course, do not forget that when going out of season you may have to face not too pleasant weather conditions.

Don't just eat McDonald's burgers, just because they are a cheap option. Sure you discover little restaurants They will offer you pieces of pizza at a very reasonable price. If you don't want to miss an interesting shopping day, even if your budget is low, remember that there are a lot of Outles that will allow you to save a lot of money. Look especially for the Milan Outles.

How to plan your first trip to Italy - What you need to know (October 2021)

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