Best Luxury Hotels in Egypt

Egypt it is a destination that lately has been put back fashion. Furthermore, it is a country that offers many possibilities. And it's not just about doing the classic Nile cruises or the essential routes like visiting the pyramids, it is also a benchmark for living different experiences very luxurious. In fact, in this country you can find different Hotels luxury and great luxury to relax or enjoy endless adventures because, even, in some of them there are attractions similar to those of water parks. It is an offer that is attracting the public again, including many celebrities who choose these destinations to spend their vacation days or the honeymoon after their wedding engagement. Here we offer you the best options.


For many people, vacation is the perfect time to relax, rest Y take care and enjoy the day without haste, without compromises ... If this is what you want to do both on vacation and on a short break, the hotel Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh It may be a good choice.

This hotel is located beach foot, allowing you to enjoy excellent days of sun and bathing in the sea and combine it for relaxing moments in the spa in which there are possibilities of getting massages and facial and body treatments. There is also a wellness space.

Those who are more restless have other options like the track of tennis outdoors or all recreational facilities within which highlights the discotheque to enjoy the party without leaving the hotel.

For people looking for a quiet experience, another option is the Hilton Luxor hotel, which is a more suitable hotel for sightseeing or to enjoy activities around the Nile due to its location.

Its facilities include areas for relaxation such as the spa and the wellness center to receive facial and body treatments or enjoy relaxing baths in their two swimming pools outdoor.

The charm of this hotel is also found in the gastronomy. In fact, it is one of the most suitable for lovers of culinary delights who will have at their disposal nothing more and nothing less than three restaurants. One of them is specialized in Asian cuisine, but the possibilities are many more.

Much relaxation also promises the hotel Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & Spa, which has spa and services of treatments facial and body to which are added other attractions such as bathrooms in the private beach where you can sunbathe.

The hotel is also an ideal destination for sports lovers like the Golf because there is a field to practice it, as well as for all those who prefer game rooms and recreational areas.

Relaxation and action

Within this type of tourism of more relaxation and action in the water, another possible alternative is the hotel Jaz Makadi Start & Spa, which is also located on the beach. Among its strengths, is the full spa, which offers massages and other treatments. It also has a whirlpool.

But if you want more adventure, there is a water park inside of the same hotel, as well as several facilities of this type in its vicinity.

Adventures in the water

For the most active people or those who travel with children, a good option may be the Jaz Makadi Saraya Resort, which is located near a trade centerl and various Waterparks.

However, within the hotel itself there is a whole water park to enjoy in a big way, being an option for those who do not want to leave the hotel and move to the different water parks and aquariums that are close to the area. In addition, in its facilities, it has a swimming pool to the fresh air to live a good day of sun and water.

And, to replenish the forces of so much activity, this hotel has five restaurants, one of which is specialized in international kitchen. They are proposals for a luxury holiday in Egypt and never better said: each hotel, at least, has five stars.

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