Trafalgar Square in London

Trafalgar Square It is one of the most visited places in London, a square that is a spectacular place where you can spend a whole day doing a lot of things and without getting bored since it is a world with everything you could need. It is called that since Battle of Trafalgar although at first it was named after King William IV. In the center of the square is the Nelson Column, a tribute to the naval hero Horacio Nelson, who died fighting Napoleon in the famous battle. It has two spectacular fountains on each side and in which all tourists take a lot of photos since they are spectacular.

This place is the gathering place for all Londoners when there is something important to celebrate, be it New Year's Eve chimes, the broadcast of an important sporting event, demonstrations, meetings or simply to meet a group of friends to go for a drink. Thousands of people pass through it every day and it is also one of the most recognizable places in London all over the world. Symbol of great social and political importance not only for London but for the whole country.

But not everything ends in the square, in the surroundings there are many places where you can find many things to do. The Art Museum, the National Gallery, the St. Martin’s Church, cafes, shops, restaurants and hotels are places where you can find many things of interest. Near Trafalgar Square you have neighborhoods of great importance in the city such as the Soho (famous for its pubs, cinemas, theaters, caberts ...) and ChinatownIt has a lot of oriental restaurants and shops.

Trafalgar Square - London Uk - Things you didn't know! (July 2020)

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