Tips for traveling to Israel

One of the eastern countries The one that is growing the most in terms of tourism from Europe is Israel, a country that has an enormous cultural and historical heritage. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv They are the most important cities in the country, so if you go to visit them they become mandatory stops, at least one of them. If you still don't have much Israel information, I give you a few tips so you can travel with maximum security and with all the details under control:

- First, it is mandatory that you passport have a minimum validity of 6 months. As for the visa, being Spanish you do not need it and you can stay up to three months without any problem.

- The weather from April to October is very good, with very pleasant temperatures. The rest of the year it is not usually very cold, so it is a country where you will never encounter major weather problems, unless you are in mountain areas such as Safed or Jerusalem yes it is colder.

- It is best that you hire excursions to see everything much better, and do not forget to wear very comfortable shoes since you will have to walk quite a bit in some of them. If you travel in summer do not forget sunglasses, a cap, sunscreen and a swimsuit, especially if you are going to travel to the area of Dead Sea. If you travel in winter, take an umbrella in case it happens to rain someday.

- Almost the entire population of Israel speaks English, especially in the more touristy areas, although the two main languages ​​are Hebrew and Arabic.

- It is recommended that you bring Dollars since it is the currency that is most used in purchases. Its official currency is the shekel.

- There is no special vaccine you need to be able to go to Israel.

- In the taxis There is a fixed rate if you go from one city to another, so you can ask for the price before traveling.

Traveling to Israel? 10 important travel tips for ISRAEL 2019 (by a professional tour guide) (November 2023)

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