Cruises on the Volga

Many years ago, practically since the fall of the Soviet Union as such, tourism in Russia has grown tremendously and not only receive many visits like Moscow, Saint Petersburg or Kazan, but there are other types of trips that are also very successful, such as doing the beautiful tour in the Trans-Siberian or a cruise on the Volga, a wonderful Russian river that has a lot to offer to those who visit it. The Volga It is the largest river in Europe and is among the 20 largest in the world, a unique opportunity to enjoy up to 30 cities that it passes through, all of them forming a spectacular landscape that is worth knowing.

In the famous Volga Delta there are about 500 smaller canals and rivers, with the volga estuary the only one in the whole country where you can find pelicans and flamingos. Without a doubt that and other factors such as the spectacular landscapes are what encourage you to take a cruise on this river. The boats that make the different tours of the Volga are like any other cruise, with an average duration of about 13 days. They may not be as luxurious as a "normal" cruise, but I think it's worth it.

The Volga cruise stops in cities like Moscow, Kostroma, Uglich, Goritzy, Jaroslav, Kizhi, Mandrogy o St. Petersburg, all of them with a great historical past and many monuments of great beauty. A journey in which you will discover old Russian legends, wild nature, historical events, battles and a large amount of forests that seem endless. A fantastic experience in which you will mix fun, culture, religion, architecture, history and nature. Without a doubt one of the most complete you can do.

Volga River Cruise, Moscow - St. Petersburg │ Part 1 (September 2020)

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