Travel to Burma

Burma, also known as Myanmar, It is a country located in Southeast Asia that hides an endless number of places worth visiting. It is one of the most exotic in Asia, but also one of the least known. Traveling there was dangerous years ago, but today we can ensure that you can go safely and without having to suffer from what may happen.

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The Burmese culture It is a mix of Thai, Chinese and Indian influences. That is something that we can see first hand by looking at the kitchen, the music and the language. Despite being a country far removed from the West, they are taking more and more European customs, which makes the visit less uncomfortable for those who have problems adapting.

In the travel to Burma it is essential to admire the beauty of the Arakan mountain range. Its mountainous relief culminates in the peak Hkakabo Razi, in the Gaoligong Mountains. It has a maximum height of 5,967 meters. In addition, there are also many unlit volcanoes around.

The weather It is quite variable, although the hot tropical predominates. The average temperature is around 25 ºC. The monsoon makes the rains the daily bread in summer.

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