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Poland It is not only a cultural mecca of Europe, it is also a country rich in architecture, dramatic stories, and home to an irresistibly attractive town. The tourism it has been prospering and people are discovering the hidden treasures that only the Poles knew before; treasures that extend from the beautiful Tatra Mountains and its Renaissance architecture that mixes with the current one.

During your visit to Poland, you will need to plan see what you want to see, since you will have long routes to do. Book in advance. One of the first places you must visit is Krakow. This part of Poland has a lot to offer its visitors. In 2000, named (for the second time) the European City of Culture. In the Old City, you will find the Marketplace and in the center of the square is the Lonja de los Cloths (Sukiennice).

Was originally the Mall, and today it is still a bustling market with stalls selling Polish art pieces, wood carvings, tapestries, etc. Once you leave the Lonja, you must observe the architecture of the area that is characterized by being very eclectic and has mixtures that go from the Renaissance to the Art deco.

Take your time to enter any of the numerous museums from the city. The Czartoryski museum, for example, will show you an impressive collection of paintings by Polish and Eastern artists from 1200 to 1800. Don't forget to visit the museum Jew, located inside the old Synagogue (the oldest Jewish building in the country).

Discover Cracow (June 2023)

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