The best beaches in the world in 2018

As usual in recent years, we wanted to compile the ranking with the 10 best beaches in the world according to TripAdvisor. The well-known web portal specialized in travel has prepared it taking into account the reviews of its users, so it is a very reliable indicator as it is not the typical list that is drawn up following criteria that lead to suspicion of the elections.

Each with its particularities, we could say that they are paradisiacal beaches that deserve the Travelers' Choice 2018 They elaborate each year breaking it down into several categories (restaurants, hotels, destinations, airlines ...).

1- Grace Bay (Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands)

Grace bay
In such an idyllic location is what has become the best beach in the world thanks to the comments of enthusiastic tourists. We are talking about 5 kilometers beach in a spectacular setting. Its waters are crystal clear and the sand is white, while a one and a half kilometer coral reef is responsible for minimizing the impact of the waves that come from the Atlantic.

2- Baia do Sancho (Fernando de Noronha, Brazil)

You don't have to go to Rio de Janeiro to enjoy the best beach in Brazil, the second on this list of privileged ones. In Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago that belongs to the state of Pernambuco, Baia do Sancho is exhibited as a natural treasure yes or yes. Just keep in mind that it is not possible to access from six in the afternoon to six in the morning between January and June, since sea turtles are in the spawning season (to release their eggs).

3- Varadero Beach (Varadero, Cuba)

The charm that it has Cuba It is not only explained by its colorful cars or by the picturesque streets of Havana. To understand its essence you must also take a dip in Varadero Beach, the most popular beach in the country. It is on the Hicacos peninsula and you should know that you will not have problems placing the towel, since it has more than 20 kilometers white sand in which to lie between bathing in its turquoise waters.

4- Eagle Beach (Aruba)

In Aruba, which for some is the country of happiness, you have the opportunity to take a long walk on Eagle Beach, a beach of 32 kilometers that will seduce you from cover to cover by the cleanliness of its waters and the delicate touch of its sand. In addition, it has the great attraction of the Pedernales ship, a Dutch ship that was sunk by the Germans with a torpedo during World War II.

5- Seven Mile Beach (Grand Cayman)

It is in George Town, which is the capital of Grand Cayman. As you can see in the image, it is a beach of 10 that you will never want to leave. There are those who consider it to be the best in the Caribbean, which is quite complicated considering the level of beaches in the area. The fact of having coral reefs makes it ideal for lovers of snorkeling and scuba diving.

6- La Concha Beach (San Sebastián, Spain)

It is the only Spanish beach on the list and has nothing to do with tropical. There are no palm trees and the sand is not like the rest of the beaches that I mention in this article, but it cannot be denied that it is of incomparable beauty. San Sebastián, which in itself is a spectacular city, is fortunate to have this 1,400-meter-long by 40-meter-wide sandy area.

7- Clearwater Beach (Florida, United States)

In the Gulf of Mexico, in Florida, americans They have a great time bathing and playing sports in Clearwater Beach, where you can rent jet skis or take an excursion to see the dolphins that move near the coast.

8- Seven Mile Beach (Negril, Jamaica)

In eighth position we talk about Seven Mile Beach again, but this time Jamaica. Black It is an amazing beach destination that is fortunate to have turquoise water beaches and fine white sand. On this beach the good atmosphere is guaranteed, and on top of that there are some sunsets that justify that one does not want to get up from the towel until dinner time.

9- Bavaro Beach (Dominican Republic)

A country like the Dominican Republic could not be left out. In Bavarian, which is the most populated area of ​​Punta Cana, tourists have the opportunity to bathe among palm trees enjoying a privileged temperature. And not only that, but the most diving enthusiasts can take the goggles to brighten their eyes thanks to its reef.

10- North Beach (Isla Mujeres)

It is north of Cancun and arguably one of the largest beaches in Mexico. It has all the ingredients necessary to be on this list, since the water is very clean, the sand is fine and the good weather is guaranteed during almost every month of the year.

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