Nightlife in Albuquerque

AlbuquerqueNew Mexico has a great variety of places to have fun at night. Albuquerque is located in the valley west of Sandia Mountains, in the northern central part of New Mexico. Many people see the city as a crossing point to reach other more known destinations, however, this city has its own style and its own culture so it has a lot to offer visitors.

The center is the most important point for entertainment. It is full of clubs, bars, lounges, restaurants and live entertainment venues. In the Central avenue, which is part of the old Route 66, you can also find buildings with very elegant architecture that deserve more than a forum. Walking around the area is a great idea so if you are driving, try parking outside the center.

Any night The weekend is perfect to find some live performance and enjoy more than a fun dance. You can go to the historical KiMo Theater. If you want to know the nightlife of another area, you can go to the part of the University and the areas of Nob Hill, which are as popular as the Central District. Both zones are next to each other.

Nob Hill It is perfect for all those in their thirties who want to remember their times young boys. Both areas are full of restaurants and bars. Some of the establishments have spectacular views of the Sandia Mountains. Sandwiched between the two areas is a theater that offers alternative movie screenings. You can also find some shops open until late.

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