Kenya's marine parks in Africa

One of the places where I've always wanted to go is to Kenya, a country that attracts me. In Africa, apart from a lot of poverty, we can discover truly magical places. The least known Kenya is still the most exciting. In that region we can find endless alternatives to get to know the true Africa. Relaxing activities, adventure sports, sailing, fishing and dream landscapes.

But if something is worth it, those are the kenyan marine parks, recognized worldwide by Unesco for the variety of its tropical fish and the color of its corals. There is no better part of the world to enjoy the water and its inhabitants. To get there, we can do it by sailing on a glass bottom boat and enjoy the beauty of these blue bottoms.

Another option is to dive directly into the waters to get as close as possible to marine life, either by practicing snorkel or letting yourself be carried away by the placid adventure of scuba diving. The warm and deep, but transparent waters of the Indian Ocean invite us all year round to explore the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

The two maritime parks that you cannot miss in Kenya are: Malindi and Watumu and Kisite-Mpunguti. The two stretch for several miles along the wonderful Kenyan coast.

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