The seasons of the year in Paris

It is one of the most visited cities in France. There are so many places to visit in Paris that you will have to distribute your time very well. In what season of the year do you plan to go to Paris? Today we give you some tips to visit Paris according to the four seasons of the year:

- Spring
Paris in spring is a truly beautiful place. The city of love is surrounded by brightly colored flower curtains and extraordinary landscapes. The colors of nature blend with the wonderful white man-made architecture, making it less difficult for you to do different outdoor activities. Since this is the best time to visit Paris, you should bear in mind that it will be quite full of tourists, so try to book a hotel in advance.

- Summer
The summer months are quite hot. The nights are warm and you can enjoy impressive sunsets visiting places like the Louvre and Notre Dame or just taking a walk around the Eiffel tower. Between the months of July and August the so-called Paris Plage takes place, which is an interesting transformation of the Seine River into a tropical beach, with palm trees, terraces and umbrellas.

- Autumn and winter
Autumn is a fairly cold and calm season in Paris, where the colors of nature change again, but this time with shades of yellow, red and orange. Paris in November has short, warm days, making it a truly romantic season. One of the best months of this season is September. The weather is still warm, and you can suffer some rain but nothing exaggerated.


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