Roman ruins of Volubilis

The Roman ruins of Volubilis They are a spectacular place where you can check the footprint of the Roman Empire and that still lasts in the country and that is located in an area of ​​approximately 20 hectares that is 30 kilometers from the city of Meknes. Belonging to Morocco, Volubilis It is a city in continuous growth and that is located in the region conquered by Mauritania. In it you can see monuments, a basilica, several temples, various bronze busts and even a triumphal arch.

The Volubilis ruins they are on a small high plateau and in 1997 they were declared World Heritage by UNESCO. These ruins, and the city itself, are a clear display of Roman power in what is now the heart of Morocco. The remains of the various palaces still preserve ruins with huge pools, mosaics, steam baths or huge columns. It was abandoned in the 17th century and after several centuries of decline you can still see the remains of various buildings such as the Basilica, the Galieno Hot Springs, the Capitol or the House of Orpheus.

Thanks to being rediscovered in the 20th century and which was protected and studied, it has become the spectacular historical enclave that it is today, which makes it one of the main tourist attractions in the country. It can arrive from Tangier, after approximately 250 kilometers, or you can hire an excursion to any local agency so as not to miss any detail of these ruins, which are the best preserved Roman site in the north of Africa.

So important and extensive is the archaeological site of the Volubilis ruins in Morocco, that only half has been excavated, a work that the French began and that when someone decides to continue excavating, authentic historical jewels can be found.

Morocco , the roman ruins of Volubilis (September 2023)

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