Lastres, the town of Doctor Mateo

There are television series that do not put special effort into their locations and others that, on the contrary, they choose with great care so that the recording location is as important as the series itself. This is the case of Doctor Mateo, a series that Antena3 broadcasts, which will shortly begin with its fifth season and that one of the ingredients for its success is that almost the entire series is filmed outdoors, specifically in the Asturian town of The three, although in the series it is called San Martín del Sella.

It must be said that although the inhabitants are already a little tired of so many crowds of people for the series, there are always charming people who will help you find all the places you are looking for. The route of Doctor Mateo has two main points, one of its own Lastres town, a spectacular coastal place with steep streets and charming old houses, and the small town of Luces, two kilometers from Lastres and where is the meadow and the Lighthouse that has appeared in the series on so many occasions, mainly at its head.

In the Lastres Tourist Office They will provide you with all the necessary information on how to go to each site, although if you follow the series you will be able to know it as soon as you see it since you will get your bearings right away. The first and most important thing to visit is the Mateo's house, The protagonist of the series. Then you can also visit the famous tom's tavern, Mateo's aunt's store, Adriana's house, the radio where Carol works, Alfredo's police station or the school.

In addition, of course you can also visit its beautiful beach and the Greek beach, a nearby beach in the direction of Colunga. To get to Lighthouse, leave Lastres in the direction of Villaviciosa, two kilometers (already in Luces) you will turn right onto a road that says FARO and that if you watch the series will also be familiar to you since it has also been recorded there. 3 kilometers later you will have reached the lighthouse.


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