Baru Island in Colombia

The Baru Island It is one of those paradises that we should all see at least once in life. It's in Colombia and it is a spectacular place that is just a few hours from Cartagena de Indias, one of the best known cities in the country. Almost virgin beaches and incredible scenery will welcome you on the Island of Baru, which in addition to being a spectacular tourist destination is very well economically and its prices are available to everyone, not like others Caribbean Islands which is much more expensive both accommodation and anything else, especially if it is in high season.

Since Cartagena de Indias you can take the coastal road and, bordering it all and about 40 kilometers, reach the Island of Baru, more specifically to the place where you will have to take the ferry to get to the island, although if you prefer you can rent a private yacht to make the transfer and at the same time enjoy its waters bathed in tropical fish and countless corals. In Baru there are several native towns, like the one of Ararch, Santa Ana and Barú, which is the name of the island. They are charming towns where almost all its inhabitants are engaged in fishing and street vendors.

The atmosphere anywhere on the island is spectacular and you can enjoy a truly wild landscape with a lot of life. Some of the most visited beaches are White beach and, very close to her, the Corals Natural Park of Rosario, which is made up of 27 islands and islets of great beauty and which have very good areas for diving. As a whole, it is one of the most naturally diverse in the world.


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