5 European cities to celebrate New Years Eve

Soon comes Christmas and the celebration of one of the most anticipated dates: End of the year. It is becoming more common travel or enjoy a special night not only away from home, but also in a different city than the one you live in. It is even a time of year when many people choose to move to another city. Europe becomes one of the main destinations due to the proximity of the main capitals to experience a different New Year's Eve. But what are the best destinations? What can be done in each of them?


London is one of the five European cities where to celebrate New Years Eve. The English capital is one of the most famous for its Fireworks, which are of the top of the world. A show that, previously, was free but, which for some time, requires paying a entry to have a privileged site. However, they can still be viewed for free from different points in the London capital.

New Year's Eve fireworks in London take place in the area of ​​the Tamésis, perimeter that is divided into various areasThey comprise Embankment Station and Temple Station, the area between the Westmister Bridge, the rear of the London Eye or the Waterloo Bridge.

In addition to fireworks, London is an ideal city to visit all the Christmas markets Y fairs that is all over the city. The truth is that the lighting is usually impressive and surprises all visitors.

And of course there are the parties. The options are diverse, although some of the most popular are those of Shard, which is an exclusive party held in the building that is considered to be the tallest in London to date. Other options are the party at Planet hollywood, which is more familiar, or the Museum of Natural History, which is quite spectacular and different.


Another of the best cities in Europe for New Years Eve is Berlin. In fact, this season of the year is considered as ‘highSo the prices are somewhat higher than usual. However, there are very interesting options and hotel and restaurant offers, among other options.

And what is done in Berlin? This capital also attracts attention for its illumination and for their Street markets Christmas parties that have been running since the end of November. Essential appointments are those of Mitte, Gendarmenmarkt or Charlottenburg, among others.

The parties are also lived on the street through Fireworks and numerous rockets. Specifically, in the capital there are several options. One of the most popular is the party at the Brandenburg Gate. The truth is that it is usually quite massive, but it is a classic celebration that attracts citizens and many tourists to count down and welcome the New Year, which is enlivened with fireworks and Musical performances live.


Paris is also dressed in lights to end 2019 and welcome 2020. The options offered by this capital are also diverse, since these days there is an intense night life in bars, pubs, parties and special events, party favors ... and even cruises. An alternative that is increasingly common to enjoy dinner and experience the party aboard a ship that runs along the Seine.

And, regardless of the option chosen, since you are in Paris, you should not miss the New Year's Show held in the Elysian Fields. A whole appointment for citizens and tourists with shows with video projectors and the traditional countdown clock. All this accompanied by the Fireworks in the Arc de Triomphe area.


Milan is another of the ideal cities to live a New Year's Eve, although here the traditions are different. These days tend to be spent as a family. In fact, it is customary dinner at home to later go out and get together with friends around the Duomo square. There, the various bars and restaurants are open and there is a very good atmosphere.

Other options are the navigli channels, which is another leisure area with bars and restaurants -although the attraction is the popular party organized-, as well as the area in which Castello Sforzesco where you can see some magnificent fireworks.


And finally, another option is Porto, a city that organizes a great celebration, which is free, to bid farewell to the year and experience the exciting countdown that follows. Fireworks and a special concert.

There is also leisure areas to have a great time like that of Galerias Paris and Rua Candido dos Reis. Many of the bars that are in these streets are open for quite a few hours at night. And of course, dinner is not a problem. Many restaurants and even wineries offer special menus for this date.

Top 5 European Destinations to Celebrate New Year’s Eve (September 2023)

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