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TO Yorkshire It is known in many places as "the garden of England", mainly because the famous English newspaper The Guardian calls it that. It is a region that is at north of england and it has one of the most important and interesting cultural, historical and natural heritage in the area. Yorkshire has its own identity and retains its dialect, the Tike, and even a traditional dance that you will not see anywhere else in the world, the Long Sword Dance.

If you like to read, you should know that Yorkshire is the land of great writers like the Brontë sisters or the place where she lived Bram stoker for a time, in fact, some of Dracula's passages are inspired by the local culture of the area. Its historical culture has been forged by both Celtic, Roman, Norman, Breton and even Viking peoples, who are the ones who left their mark and you can see their influence in every corner.

One of the most important tourist assets in Yorkshire is undoubtedly nature, a true paradise that houses three natural parks with more than 2500 square meters of protected spaces and which are the Yorkshire Dales National Park, the northern York moors and the Peak District Park. In all these parks you can take different routes, whether on foot, on horseback or even have balloon rides so you can admire the spectacular scenery of the area from the air. If you travel between April and August you can also go to cliffs of bempton, on the outskirts of Bridlington, where between those dates there are more than 200,000 birds that you can see. If you go outside that date you can also enjoy the cliffs.

Yorkshire is also a luxury for religious tourism. The Whitby abbey It has more than 2000 years of history and is one of the most important archaeological sites in England. Its gloomy ruins are a delight and kings are buried there and it was an inspiration for poets and writers. You can also visit York Minster, which is the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe.

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