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Berkeley It has the oldest university in California. It is in the heart of the city, so everything forms around it. But that is not all that this wonderful city can offer you if you decide to spend a pleasant vacation. If you want to do an activity, you can enjoy a pleasant day of Golf in Berkeley Hills.

If you decide to move around the area, you will find a amphitheater Greek-style outdoor seating for approximately 8,000 people. It was built in 1903. Sproul Plaza is a center for great musicians, where students carry out different activities. Do not forget to hire one of the excursions Most entertaining you'll find around Bekeley: the one at the glass blower factory, and the chocolate factory.

Many choose Berkeley because of all the places they can visit during the day and because if they want to enjoy a good night out, they just have to go to San Francisco which is 25 minutes away. The marina is the perfect area for a pleasant stroll. You can visit its gardens and its water park, although the most sportsmen should make a visit to Indian rock park where they will find a big rock to climb.

Berkeley has a legacy architectural very important formed by some beautiful buildings. Probably one of the most important is the first church of Christ Scientist. It was built in 1910. There is also the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts and the Berkeley Repertory Theater which is actually the national registry of places historical.

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