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Seattle It is the largest city in the Washington state, in the northwest of the United States (not to be confused with Washington DC, the capital of the country and which is in the east and very close to New York). It is located between beautiful Lake Washington and Puget Sound Bay and has approximately six hundred thousand inhabitants. It is famous for being the birthplace of the style of grunge music and bands that drove those rhythms like Nirvana, Pearl Jam or Heart. Do you know what is the Starbucks right ?, the famous coffee shops take away that are all over the world and of which celebrities always appear in magazines with their coffees in hand, since they originate from here.

The biggest symbol of the city is the Space Needle, a spectacular 184-meter-high tower that has been built in the city center since 1962 and is an excellent viewpoint, in addition to having a revolving restaurant from which you can admire the city of Seattle in 360º while dining or having a drink. Cup. Amazing and quite an experience. If you are a fan of television series, you should know that series such as Grey's Anatomy (where the Space Needle has come out on several occasions) or Frasier (who wore it in his logo).

The enclosure surrounding Space Needle is the Seattle Center, a place where events such as a music festival, various exhibitions and even a gastronomic festival take place. The largest building in Seattle is the Starbucks headquarters with more than 167,000 square meters, in addition to the fact that the first cafeteria that opened in 1971 still lives in the city.

In order to better enjoy all the things to see in Seattle you can buy yourself the Seattle CityPass, a bonus that will be worth you to save 48% on each site you visit and that gives you access to six of the most famous attractions in the city, such as the Flight Museum, the Space Needle, the Seattle Aquarium or enjoy one of the lake cruises.

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