Cozumel Island

Cozumel It is a Mexican island, the second most populated in the country and the third largest. It's in the Caribbean, southeast of Mexico and about 50 kilometers south of Cancun. It was almost totally shattered by him Hurricane Wilma in 2005, and they have almost finished rebuilding it as hotels, houses, shops and many buildings were reduced to rubble after Wilma's passing. Their main source of income is tourism, which arrives mainly at cruise ship stops of different companies, which in almost all the trips they make through the Caribbean visit the island of Cozumel.

It has some spectacular beaches, one of which is just five minutes from where the dock where you disembark is, either on a cruise or on a boat. In that dock you can already find a multitude of stores with a lot of products and typical mexican objects, and there is a taxi rank where you can catch one that will take you to your destination. Look carefully at the prices before leaving, they are on a sign, since there is a lot ready that if you share a taxi, they charge you the same as if you go alone to earn double, so if you see that more people are going to go up with you, talk to them to that they think that you go together and thus you pay half each one.

Its main places of interest are white sand beaches and a Turquoise Color spectacular that you can not stop watching. In downtown, the part of town, you have several stores where you can buy clothes, crafts or footwear, mostly leather or leather. One of the most visited is the one that sells pearls. Anywhere in the downtown You will meet people at the doors of the stores to "invite" you to enter. It is a very humble town, so do not expect to find big stores, although they do have a shopping center with some and a Carrefour type supermarket. I have been there and it is a beautiful island, if you are going to be in Mexico try visit Cozumel.


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