Arches National Park, Utah

It is a trip to the most spectacular rock formations in North America, concentrated in the unusual Arches National Park, in southwestern Utah, in U.S, where the largest amount of unusual rock formations in the world is concentrated and where water, cold and wind, with their ally time, have carved a museum of giant sculptures that defy the law of gravity. There are some 1,700 natural stone arches in this park, at least according to the most conservative calculations.

Geologists distinguish between bridges and arches. The first ones have been molded by the force of the water that licks the rock until they dig, while the arches have been carved by a different process where water and snow are protagonists, since with the night frosts it acts as a wedge that tears the blocks. About 10 years ago, an unknown arch 13 meters long was discovered. A natural monument you must visit if you are going to travel to utah.

In these highlands of the Colorado plateau It rains very little, the wind blows strongly and the hot summers alternate with the cold winters, but if you are going to take some warm clothing, whatever the season, which always refreshes in the mountain area. The desert is a true garden and cacti bloom when spring breaks through the mountains. Sometimes the Peregrine falcon and the golden eagle fly over the landscape of rock and wind in a hard and beautiful world that has always attracted hunters and gatherers.

Almost everyone's favorite arc is the Delicate Arch, a solitary arch peeking from a precipice. To get to it you have to walk along a path between rocks, a slope that although it seems will not be heavy, since you will know that when you reach the top the reward of the landscape will be incredible. Spectacular dusk, where when the sun goes down it seems that the rocks are burning and take a beautiful orange color.

Arches National Park, Utah, USA in 4K Ultra HD (August 2020)

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