Lake Turkana in Kenya

The Turkana lake is in a region of Kenya that is a real anthropology Museum where you can find some of the most important paleontological deposits in the world and where, in addition, a multitude of ethnic groups coexist. The lake is in a warm and very dry environment, a gem called Jade Sea. Although it is not a paradise landscape, it does have a lot of charm with a beautiful sunset and with those characteristic copper colors of the desert.

As for the animal world, in the lake there are no colorful fish but huge Nile perches and tilapia. Rains are scarce in these lands, in fact the legend says that it rains every ten years, but with this from the legends it is already known. It is the cradle of a Monkey that one day decided to stand up and walk on two feet instead of on four legs. It is also the site of humanity. Here in 1974 a petite woman over three million years old was discovered, Lucy, perhaps Eva or better the missing link, who knows!

The lake in its past had an extensive population of crocodiles, about 14,000, and where the Omo river empties was the territory of the Molo tribe, which was known for the ability of its members to hunt alligators of all Africa. Stuck in a log with a spear, a knife and a simple harpoon they sailed to the north island in order to obtain the food that the lake provided. As a recommendation, if you like to stay in more star hotels, you will not find them, but you will find good accommodations in the heart of nature to enjoy it as it should.

Lake Turkana region lures tourists with unique features (May 2021)

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