Park Avenue in Manhattan

You have most likely heard of Park avenue in many American movies or series that have been recorded in NY and if you are going to travel there you will love to discover each of the corners of this famous avenue that crosses Manhattan from north to south and that cuts the Grand Central Station, the main metro station of the city. It is the main residential area of ​​the highest class in society, so much so that in the United States rich girls are derogatively called "Park Avenue Girls."

Park Avenue is in the neighborhood of Upper East Side (You will know it if you are a follower of the Gossip Girl series), which is where the most expensive luxury apartments in New York are located and which houses many luxury stores that if you do not go with the Gold Visa in your mouth probably you can not even enter.

The avenue is divided into several zones, and in addition to the Upper East Side there is also the part called Foch Avenue, which reaches the number 90 or so, is located right in the midtown manhattan and the two ways it has to circulate are separated by a row of bushes with flowers and green leaves that the Park Avenue Foundation takes care of and that the truth is that they do it wonderfully because it is always impeccable.

When you link to Grand Central Station in Union square It is when you get to a much more active area where there are many offices and the most famous banks in New York. The prestigious and famous Waldorf-Astoria hotel It is located in this section of the avenue, a wonderful 47-story skyscraper that measures almost 200 meters and that offers the best art exhibitions that arrive in the city. The Seagram Building is also one of the most famous, a modern office tower that is the headquarters of Seagram, a company dedicated to the distillery and one of the best in the world.

⁴ᴷ Walking Tour of Manhattan, NYC - Park Avenue from 63rd Street to 14th Street Union Square (October 2020)

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