5 ideal destinations to travel in spring

For those who cannot wait for the summer holidays and want to take advantage of the beauty of the spring, it must be said that there are a number of destinations that are especially recommended to visit during the season of the year in which everything flourishes again.

In this article I have selected 5 places they have many reasons to attract you during the months of March, April, May and June. Now you just need to find a space to schedule an unforgettable getaway.

Athens, Greece)

The capital of Greece is a fairly quiet city in spring. There are not so many tourists wandering around its main points of interest and you are not as hot as in July or August, when temperatures easily exceed 30 degrees. That means it is a perfect time to climb the Acropolis in Athens or stroll through such beautiful neighborhoods as Plaka and Monastiriki.

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Algarve (Portugal)

The beauty of the Algarve is indisputable. The only thing you have to decide is when to visit what is probably the most touristic area in Portugal with the permission of Lisbon and Porto. You can enjoy its beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, but if you don't want to put on your swimsuit you can also go along the coast to contemplate some privileged views from its cliffs, which you will reach on foot along paths that demand a good canteen and the desire to mix with the flora and fauna of the place.

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Hallerbos (Belgium)

Hallerbos is a Belgian forest south of Brussels that is worth a quiet visit. It is a forest area of ​​540 hectares that is very famous for the violet bells that cover certain parts of the forest, where the vegetation abounds freely and invites you to explore its trails on foot or by bicycle. Do not be surprised to come across a deer or foxes, since they are animals that inhabit it. Hallerbos has a web page with information, photos and dates of the great flowering that I recommend you check not to go early.

New York, USA)

Someone may be wondering why I have included New York in this list of spring destinations. The reason is not to be found in the price of accommodation or in its skyscrapers, which remain motionless whatever the time of year. What draws you to the Big Apple is its lung, the well-known Central park. When the month of April arrives it is completely transformed to attract runners and tourists who do not want to miss a visual spectacle of this category. Between April and May, with a temperate climate and blooming buds, another air is breathed and colors flood each and every one of its corners, thanks in part to the 20,000 tulips that bloom in the Conservatory Garden.

Tokyo Japan)

In Tokyo is the precious Yoyogi Park, where cherry trees were introduced in the 18th century. When spring comes and they bloom, from March to May, the local authorities authorize festivals that commemorate an unforgettable time of year. The park is open every day of the year and admission is free. The variety of its vegetation allows us to enjoy the color of various tree species during the four seasons of the year.

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