How to get to Eurodisney

Disney Land Paris, or Eurodisney, receives millions of visits every year from people who come from any corner of the world, be they families, couples, groups or just someone traveling alone. The magic of Disney World It has no age, but today I am not going to talk about the park itself but about how to get to Disneyland Paris, since depending on where you are going to stay you can choose one or the other option when it comes to enjoying with all the characters from so many movies that will have passed through your life.

The disney parks They are about 30 kilometers from the center of Paris, in the eastern part of the city. If you stay in any of the hotels in the surroundings you can walk as it will not take you more than 10 or 15 minutes, but if you stay elsewhere or if you go to the city take into account the different options:

Train: it is the fastest and most comfortable way to get there, mainly taking the RER line. I was in September and since I stayed in the Opera area I made all the trips on this line. The journey is about half an hour and the trains are double, like London buses. You must get off at the station Marne la Vallée Chessy - Disney Parks. The price of the train is about € 15 but I recommend that you buy the travel voucher since you save a lot of money, at least the one I bought myself that for three days for € 40 I used the metro and train as much as I wanted. At any metro station you have links to the RER line. If you are in the Charles de Gaulle airport You have TGV trains that go to Disney in just 10 minutes.

Bus: any of the airports has a direct line to the parks. They take 45 minutes to arrive and operate from 08:30 to 19:45, having the stop at the station that is in the same door of Disney. The price is € 17 for adults and € 13 for children up to 11 years old, children under 3 travel free. I recommend this option only if you go from an airport, if you go from Paris the train is much better.

Cab: I do not think it is a widely used option, but in case you are interested and for your guidance, from the Orly airport Even Disneyland Paris will charge you around € 180.

Car: of course you can also rent a car or go in your own. Here I can not guide you since depending on what your origin is you can go for one or another place.

How to get to Disneyland Paris (April 2021)

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