Reopening of the world's tallest hotel

The hotel highest in the world, has already opened its doors. This hotel is located in Hong Kong and from it guests can enjoy unbeatable panoramic views of Victoria Harbor. Rising some 490 meters (1,600 feet) above the bustling and chaotic streets of the southern Chinese city, the Hotel Ritz-Carlton once again became a benchmark in the world of hotels after it closed its doors temporarily in 2008.

Hervé Humler, President and Head of Operations of the hotel chain, explained at a press conference that reopening the doors of a hotel so emblematic that it took nearly 10 years to build, is very important to them. The business is aware that the hotel may lose the title of being the highest in the world. This loss will surely occur in 2014 when the J-Hotel, which will measure several meters more.

The Ritz-Carlton's Hong Kong It is also one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. The price of a room night is currently at HK $ 6,000 (about € 500). One night in the presidential suite is HK $ 100,000. Inside the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, you breathe a environment Chic and modern both in the restaurants and in the different rooms where tourists can rest.

It is characterized by a truly brilliant decoration and chandeliers on all sides. The guests You can find on the premises a swimming pool on the top floor that has different LCD televisions with which the swimmers can entertain themselves while enjoying the warmth of the hot water. The hotel has a total of 312 rooms, and it has one of the largest dance halls in the city consisting of a total of 930 square meters.

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